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Cool Urban Hairstyles Hair Salon

Explore this Season’s Cool Urban Hairstyles In today’s competitive market, social media has rewritten the rules of fashion with bloggers and street style stars pioneering key looks in fashion and hair.   To continuously deliver the latest trend driven looks, Schwarzkopf Professional’s styling ambassador and leading hair artists have teamed up with the influential blogger
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Fuss Free Hairstyles and Colour

Fuss-Free Hairstyles & Colour Did you just wake up looking like that? Pulling off a flawless look with minimal fuss and effort is easier than you think and we’re going to show you a selection of styles and colours that will keep your style on point but save you that precious time in your busy
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Balayage Hair Ombre Bedford Hair Salon

Blonde Balayage, Babylights, Ombré and Sombré Hair trends come and go, but season after season, there has been one constant among colour trends – gradient hair is always in demand. Over the past few years, tastemakers in the beauty world have transitioned from foil highlights and solid all-over colour to softer and more natural looking
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Which Hair Colour Bedford Salon

Your Personal Colour Chart: What are Your Colours? The colour of your hair can make you look and feel gorgeous. If you feel like changing your look, your hair colour is an obvious option. While there are quite a few colour choices, it’s important to match your skin tone for the best effect. Before changing
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Root Touch Up Hair Bedford

Root Touch Up for Seamlessly Beautiful Hair The larger the difference is between coloured and natural hair the more noticeable is the lighter or darker new growth. There is no reason to hide your hair when it starts to show its “roots”. We are going to share with you how you can touch up these
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Rinse For Colour Treated Hair

Rinse Brilliance and a Colour Guard into Your Hair The brilliance of freshly coloured hair is amazing. The rich deep hues and the intense glow are simply magnificent. With special care you can enjoy the shimmering beauty for quite a while. A suitable rinse for colour-treated hair keeps the colour pigments in the hair longer
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