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Root Touch Up for Seamlessly Beautiful Hair

The larger the difference is between coloured and natural hair the more noticeable is the lighter or darker new growth. There is no reason to hide your hair when it starts to show its “roots”. We are going to share with you how you can touch up these “roots” between colour treatments. Root Touch up is essential.

Ordinarily, we are happy to see our hair grow – unless it is colour-treated that is. Every little bit of hair growth adds to the increasingly obvious colour step between new and coloured hair.Hair grows between one half to one inch ever month. The colour step is therefore quite obvious as early as one month after colouring. Regular colour treatments are therefore a must if you want your hair colour to look well maintained. Professionals have some tricks up their sleeves, which will help you bridge the interval to the next time you colour your hair.

Instant Help: The Colour Touch-Up

Don’t despair if your hair desperately needs a colour touch-up and none of the “regular” touch-up aids are at hand. Most women will find one of the following colouring tools right in their home:

Darker roots growing in blonde hair: Flesh-coloured eye shadow can help to even out the colour differences.

Lighter roots growing in dark hair: You can easily conceal the new lighter hair growth with brown or black mascara. The touch-up will last until the next shampoo. Be sure to apply the mascara to your hair only after carefully removing excess colour solution from your mascara brush.

Instant Help: Colour Touch-Up Pen

Using colour touch-up pens is as easy as pie. The pens work like a felt-tip pen. Thanks to the brush at the tip, the colour does not drip and can be applied to the dry hair roots with ease and without haste. The colour touch-up lasts through up to three shampoos and you can repeat the application as often as you like. Only one application will reliably cover the colour of the newly grown hair. Most colour touch-up pens are re-usable and last for up to 10 applications.

Tip: Before permanently colouring your hair, you should make sure that a suitable touch-up pen is available in the matching colour. The pens are available in many different colours, from medium to dark blonde, from reddish brown to medium to dark brown and black, including colours like bright and darker nuances of red. So far, there is no touch-up pen for blonde hair.

Long-Term Colour Touch-Up: Colour Matching Systems

The colour matching system allows you to blend the natural colour of new hair growth with your colour treated hair without noticeable transitions. The effect lasts for quite a while. The colour matching system is designed to colour the newly grown hair in several matching nuances to create a seamless transition. Every colour matching set contains a spectrum of colours, which harmoniously blends with the base colour. The package insert shows you the colour scale so that you can find the set, which best creates a transition between the colours of your natural and dyed hair.

While the matching colour lasts as long as permanent hair dye (up to six weeks), their developing time is only 10 minutes. Thanks to the nourishing oils, the application is particularly gentle on your hair.

Tip: The colour matching system is particularly suitable for touching up the root portions of light and grey hair.

Accessories Conceal Hair Colour Differences

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Solutions by design: An Alice band conceals the unsightly transition between natural and artificial hair colour. Left: Cotton On, right: Oscar De La Renta.

Newly grown hair of a different colour conveniently hides underneath Alice bands and bandanas. Your hairstyle should allow you to cover visible hair roots with the hair accessory of your choice. Hairstyles of the fifties and sixties may inspire your own “under cover” hairstyle choices.


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